vision - mission

The Vision

"Education takes place throughout life in many forms, none of which ought to be exclusive. We must start to think about education in a more all-encompassing fashion" —UNESCO.

This comprehensive ideology underpinning all areas of learning inspires a rigorous academic and enrichment program for all MRCR Public School students.

 The Mission

In our fast changing and constantly evolving world, MRCR Public School exists to serve the unique academic, physical, social and emotional needs of its students underpinned by strong traditional values. MRCR Public School is committed to creating and maintaining an orderly, trusting and caring environment where teaching and learning are exciting and students are assisted as they develop responsibility. All aspects of the school’s organization, curricular and co-curricular activities are child centered so that they may grow up to be lifelong learners and competent adults living in harmony with their surroundings and their fellow beings.