Aims & objectives


M.R.C.R Public School, Julana

Motto of the school is "Education is a means to attain immortality." Our hope and prayer is that MRCR Public School like a beacon of light will enlighten thousands of students, teacher and parents who come in contact with it by removing darkness of ignorance.
Our aim:
  • To provide secured, loving and caring environment to each pupil.
  • To lay emphasis on self-discipline and motivation.
  • Explore and encourage the young to be energetic, enthusiastic and full of potentiality.
  • Instill in the young ones the determination to serve the society and the country.



Summer Vacation
          1st June to 30th June  
2nd Saturday
          13th July  
2nd Saturday
          10 August  
Independence Day(Celebration) & Raksha Bandhan
          15th August  
          24th August  
          10th September  
2nd Saturday
          14th September  
Gandhi Jayanti
          2nd October  
Ram Navami
          7th October  
          8th October  
2nd Saturday
          12th October  
Karwa Chauth
          17th October  
Diwali Holiday
          26th to 29th October  
Haryana Day
          1st November  
2nd Saturday
          9th November  
2nd Saturday
          14th December  
          25th December  
Winter Vacation
          1st to 7th January  
2nd Saturday
          11th January  
Republic Day
          26th January  
Basant Panchami
          29th January  
2nd Saturday
          8th Feburary  
Maha Shiv Ratri
          21th Feburary  
          9th & 10th March  
2nd Saturday
          14th March  


 1st May
Self Introduction Eng (I to X)
 10th Aug
Pot(III) Thali(IV) Waste Material(V)
Mahandi & Rakhi(VI to VIII)
 31th Aug
Fancy Dress Competition (Teej Mela)
 6th Sep.
Hindi Poem Recitation (Nur –V)
 26th Sept
English Poem Recitation (Nur –V)
 4th Oct
Hindi Writing Competition (I to X)
 12th Oct
Declamation (I to X) Eng.
 24th Oct
Rangoli Competition
 25th Nov
Hindi Writing Competition (Nur-X)
 6th Dec
English Writing Competition (Nur-X)
 13th Dec
Drawing Competition (I to VIII)
 17th Dec
Science, Maths, Art & Commerce Exhibition

Open House

 24th Aug
Hindi Quiz (I to X)
 30th Aug.
G.K Quiz(I to VIII)
 18th Sept
Maths Quiz (I to X)
 4th Nov
English Quiz (I to X)
 12th Nov
EVS Quiz (I to V)
 13th Nov
Science Quiz (VI to X)
 29th Nov Quiz (VI to X)
 20th Dec
Debate (VI to X) Hindi/ Eng