Aims & objectives


M.R.C.R Public School, Julana

Motto of the school is "Education is a means to attain immortality." Our hope and prayer is that MRCR Public School like a beacon of light will enlighten thousands of students, teacher and parents who come in contact with it by removing darkness of ignorance.
Our aim:
  • To provide secured, loving and caring environment to each pupil.
  • To lay emphasis on self-discipline and motivation.
  • Explore and encourage the young to be energetic, enthusiastic and full of potentiality.
  • Instill in the young ones the determination to serve the society and the country.



List of Holidays

17th April 2024
Ram Navami

27th May to 1st July 2024
Summer Vacation

7th Aug 2024
Haryali Teej

16th Aug 2024
Gazetted Holiday

19th Aug 2024
Raksha Bandhan

26th Aug 2024

2nd Oct 2024
Gandhi Jayanti

12th Oct 2024

20th Oct 2024
Karwa Chauth

30th to 3rd Nov 2024
Diwali Holidays

25th Dec 2024
Atal Jayanti/Christmas Day

8th Jan to 13th Jan 2025
Winter Vacation

14th Jan 2025
Makar Sakranti

26th Jan 2025
Republic Day (Celebration)

2nd Feb 2025
Basant Panchami

26th Feb 2025
Maha Shiv Ratri

13th and 14th Mar 2025


Celebration date : 6th April 2024
World Health Day(7th April)
Class : Nur. to 8th

Celebration date : 20th April 2024
Earth Day(22nd April)
Class : Nur. to 5th

Celebration date : 8 May 2024
World Red Cross Day
Class : 6th to 12th

Celebration date : 11th May 2024
Mother’s Day (12th May)
Class : Nur. to 2nd

Celebration date : 15th August 2024
Independence Day
Class : Pre. Nur.- XII

Celebration date : 24th August 2024
Janmashtami (26th Aug.)
Class : 1st to 5th

Celebration date : 5 Sep 2024
Teacher’s Day/ Ganesh Chaturthi (7th Sept)
Class : Pre- Nur.- XII

Celebration date : 14th Sept 2024
Hindi Diwas
Class : 3rd to 12th

Celebration date : 5th Oct 2024
Dandiya Night

Celebration date : 28th to 30th Nov 2024
Sports Week
Class : Pre-Nur.- XII

Celebration date : 24th Dec 2024
Atal Jayanti/ Christmas(25th December)
Class : Pre-Nur to 9th & 11th

Celebration date : 26th Jan 2025
Republic Day
Class : Pre- Nur.- XII

Exam Schedule

15th to 21st May (Prep to 10th)
8th July onwards (XI & XII)

Periodic Test- I

9th Sept. Onwards (Pre- Nur-XII)
Mid Term

10th December onwards (Nur-XII)
Periodic Test- II

8th March (Pre-Nur-IX & XI)
Annual Exam


13 Apr 2024
Tiffin Sharing and Caring (Nur to Vth)

20 Apr 2024
Role Play Competition (Nur to Vth)

27 Apr 2024
Self Introduction English(Nur to Vth)

4 May 2024
Thumb Painting (Nur to Vth)
Create a Historical News Paper (3rd to 5th)

11 May 2024
Mother’s Day (Nur. to 2nd)
Play on Mother’s Day (3rd to 5th)

8 July 2024
Best Tiffin(Nur to Vth )

13 July 2024
Hindi Poem with action (Nur to Vth)

27 July 2024
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (3rd to 5th)

3 Aug 2024
Salad Making Competition (Nur to Vth)

10th Aug 2024
Little Picassos (Art- Patriotic Theme) (Nur. - 2nd)
Veer Gatha( Gallantry), Poster Making, Awards Poem + Auto Biography (3rd to 5th)

17th Aug 2024
Rakhi Making(Nur to Vth)

24th Aug 2024
Fancy Dress (Radha+Krishan)- (Nur. to 2nd )
Flute Making (3rd to 5th)

31st Aug 2024
English+ Hindi Hand Writing Competition(Nur to Vth)

1st Oct 2024
Swachh Bharat(Nur to Vth)

11th Oct 2024
Mask Making(Nur to Vth)

19th Oct 2024
Mehandi Competition(Nur to Vth)

16th Nov 2024
Speech (Hindi)(Nur to Vth)

18th Jan 2025
Speech (English)(Nur to Vth)

(6th to 12th)

13th April
Shloka Recitation (6th to 8th)

20th April
Dialogue Competition (6th to 12th)

27th April
What do you want to be (6th to 8th )

4th May
Create a Historical News Paper (6th to 8th)

11th May
Poster Making Mother’s Day (6th to 8th)

13th July
English Extempore (6th to 12th)

27th July
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (6th to 8th)

10th Aug
Veer Gatha( Gallantry), Poster Making, Awards Poem + Auto Biography (6th to 12th)

17th Aug.
Rakhi Making (6th to 8th)

24th Aug
Flute Making (6th to 8th)

31st Aug
English+ Hindi Hand Writing Competition (6th to 8th)

1st Oct
Swachh Bharat (6th to 12th)

11th Oct.
Speech (English) (6th to 12th)

19th Oct.
Mehandi Competition (6th to 8th)

16th Nov.
Speech (Hindi) (6th to 12th)

18th Jan. 2025
Group Discussion (6th to 12th)